Contents and Sections


The contents of the magazine will comprise the following fields:

Urban composition and place making

  • Urban designs based on traditional patterns.
  • Town landscape and contextual architecture.
  • Vernacular urban patterns. 
  • Civic art and public spaces.
  • Social and environmental sustainability in urban design.
  • Cultural landscapes related to traditional building patterns.

Traditional architecture and local identity

  • New traditional and vernacular designs.
  • History and theory of new traditional and vernacular architecture.
  • Studies on traditional and vernacular architecture of particular places or regions.
  • Preservation and transformation of local identity in architecture.
  • Social aspects of traditional architecture, its preservation and its contemporary continuity. 
  • Practice of conservation and restoration of traditional and vernacular architecture.
  • Architectural tradition, environment and sustainability.

Building arts

  • Traditional building crafts.
  • Traditional building techniques and materials.
  • Regional and local building patterns.
  • Historic structures.
  • Social, environmental and economic impact of traditional building.
  • Intangible heritage studies related to traditional building practice.
  • Continuation and preservation of traditional building crafts.

Education and training programs in these fields


The contents will be grouped, according to their nature, in the following sections:

Research papers
Original and unpublished research papers that will be submitted to external review by double blind peers who are related to the content and objectives of the journal (both submitters and reviewers will be anonymous).

Informative articles on works carried out in the fields of building, architecture and urbanism. They will consist of short texts and abundant graphic information on the submitted works. 

Short essays on theory and practice of traditional building, architecture and urbanism, as well as on their teaching, their preservation and their continuation.

Book reviews
Reviews of recently published books in the fields of traditional building, architecture and urbanism.