Key Dates


1st phase: ABSTRACTS SUBMISSION (until 9 August 2020)

If the proposal is submitted in the form of an academic paper, the first step will be to send an abstract to be evaluated by the scientific committee. A double blind peer review process will be followed.

Authors will be notified if their proposals have been accepted by August 17, 2020.

2nd phase: FULL PAPERS SUBMISSION (until 14 September 2020)

In the event that the proposed abstract has been accepted for its publication in the journal, then the full paper must be submitted. This will again follow a double blind peer review process. Once this review has been accomplished, the editorial team will notify the result of the evaluation undertaken (acceptance, rejection, possible publication after minor changes or the need of a new review), as well as the remarks and comments that have been anonymously made by the reviewers.

Authors will be notified if their paper has been accepted by October 8, 2020.



ARTICLES SUBMISSION (before 14 September 2020)

All proposals of contents that are not scientific papers will be reviewed directly by the organizing team, which will determine their suitability for their publication in the journal, and will send to their authors the modifications or revisions this team considers appropriate for them.